Music Songs Sound Effects Voice-Overs

Everything you need is available from one of the top producers of songs for toys: Blue Vision Music, LLC.

Our years of experience will make your toy the very best! Call us, 260.338.1414 or visit us at:

Contractual obligations prevent us from speaking about specific projects BUT we can say that our music has appeared on millions of toys sold around the world. Many under the brand names...
Tonka • Disney • Hasbro • Scholastic • Lionel Barbie Nick Jr.
Fisher-Price • Madlibs • Care Bears • Land Before Time John Deere

We have many years of experience recording music and voice-overs for the international toy market. And we've recently partnered with two of the largest sound effects companies in the world Nightingale and Hollywood Edge to provide the very best in sound design. We've even provided recordings for the foreign market including Germany, French–Canada, European French and Spanish.